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Dr Ezekiel Izuogu, an electrical/electronics engineer, was for many years, lecturer of communications and electronics engineering at the Federal Polytechnic, Owerri, Nigeria.

From early childhood, Dr. Izuogu had demonstrated a great flair for inventive and creative knowledge. As a child, he had built virtually every technical household appliance needed by his family and friends.

He set up the first ever indigenous factory to manufacture  over 500 different types of scientific equipment and gadgets used for secondary school and university education in the African continent. Dr Izuogu has recently patented another innovative product, the Uncle Zee Basic Science Kit to teach young people to be like himself… inventors!

He also worked for nine years to design and build the first ever locally made automobile in Africa. The four door low prized  automobile, dubbed z-600 was celebrated all over the world as the first major technological breakthrough to come from the African continent.

Dr Izuogu is a holder of many patents to his credit.

His research on alternative energy sources spanned 31 years. A hard and tireless  researcher and worker, Dr. Izuogu does not give up on any project without achieving his objective. He is chairman of Radiolabs Inc, Izuogu Motors Inc, and president of Current Oils Ltd, companies that have helped fund his extensive and expensive research work.


This company was incorporated over twenty five years ago to satisfy the quest for scientific research and investigation. it was set up to fill the vacuum existing in the African continent where there is, regrettably, very little technological activity resulting in mass poverty, unemployment, disease, crime and tribal conflicts.

While some scanty research work may be going on in African universities, even this little effort is often removed from immediate applicability to solve the problems of the immediate community, badly crying for alleviation.

Radiolabs was set up to marry research with immediate applicability. For twenty five years this company has pioneered and set the pace for private sector participation in the development of science and technology in the continent. it is the parent company of Izuogu motors ltd, the company that gave to the continent, her first and only automobile, wholly conceived, designed and built with  largely locally available raw materials.

The company, in addition to aggressive research work and funding, presently produces the famed uncle Zee Basic Science Kit…a product for teaching children,8-18 years, how to stay home, and build household gadgets.

Ezekiel IZUOGU
Dr Ezekiel Izuogu, an electrical / electronics engineer, was for many years,lecturer of communications and electronics engineering in Nigeria. Ezekiel Izuogu
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